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Hasegawa 08238 Mitsubishi J2M5 Raiden (Jack) Type 33


Mitsubishi J2M5 Raiden (Jack) Type 33

By: Hasegawa

Scale: 1/32

Item no: 08238 Price: £49.99


Hasegawa’s lovely J2M Raiden has been available since just 2011, but in keeping with the firm’s ‘limited edition’ policies, it has been re-boxed approximately every 15 months, either with new markings or tweaked runners to cater for different sub-types. This is the first example of the J2M5/Type 33 (previous iterations have included J2M2/Type 11 and J2M3/Type 21) and incorporates the correct instrument panel, forward upper fuselage, wing panels and leading edge cannon bulges.

Given the type’s small size, it’s a surprisingly large model, and it’s packed with detail; notably there are few aftermarket accessories for 1/32 J2Ms, limited to just photo-etched metal sets, canopy masks, undercarriage legs and gun barrels. The big bonus is the gorgeous eight-part pilot figure (a non-standard inclusion for most other Hasegawa offerings), which captures the appearance of late-war flying gear perfectly, and will make a huge difference to the well-appointed cockpit.

Slight work is needed on the engine cowling to fill the machine gun ports and scribe a new panel line, but the clear and concise illustrations should make these additions straightforward. Stage 6 may cause a little confusion―available references indicate Chushi Naval Flying Group (Kōkūtai) J2Ms were armed with just 20mm cannon, so the option for 30mm weapons should be discarded.

Two schemes are supplied, for airframes assigned to the Chushi Naval Flying Group (tail numbers 191 and 182), based at Shanghai, in August 1945. Both are bedecked in standard late-war livery of dark green upper surfaces and grey-green undersides, with yellow inner wing leading edges and the black anti-glare panel extending from cockpit to front end of the engine cowling.

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